All advanced facials below are started with a cleansing foot soak, revitalising scrub and include a relaxing hand or foot massage during the treatment. Also with in these specified facials, you can look forward to a stimulating facial massage which begins from the elbow up to your neck and shoulders. To achieve great long lasting results we recommend you look into at home care to support our in salon treatments. All treatments provided are performed with certified organic products, which work wonder on the skin as well as helping our environment.

Service Price
Discovery facial
A taste of delight, using products to suit your skin type. Includes either a hand or foot massage. 40 minutes
Radiance facial
Energise your tired stressed skin, give a boost of radiance. Revitalise and enhance your natural glow. 60 minutes
Balancing facial
De-congest that poor clogged skin, soothe irritations, blemishes be gone and reveal a clearer even skin tone. 60 minutes
Intense Hydrating facial
Replenish and add moisture to your dehydrated cover and normalise the production of natural lubricants. 60 minutes
Rejuvenation, green science
Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improve visible skin firmness, smooth and strengthen. 60 minutes
Eye, lip and neck treatment (added to any of the above) $21 each